Prototype 1

Getting Started with the Clipper Prototype 1

This page features information about and links to our first online prototype.

Clipper prototype No. 1 is now available at this web address:

Before trying out the prototype please check out the demonstration videos and instructions for how to create an account and make your first clip below. For best results view the prototype on a desktop / laptop and use the Chrome web browser (production versions will work on smaller mobile devices). Please use the Contact link (top of the project site web page) to provide any feedback, comment and suggestions about improving the Clipper toolkit.

Before you start with Clipper Prototype 1

This is an early prototype so there will certainly be problems, glitches and errors, see the Problems? section below. Anything you create in Clipper Prototype 1 will not be permanent – it is a temporary and will be online until the end of 2015.

Demonstration videos (items in bold are Clipper terms)

Demo 1: Dashboard, creating a Project, Collections, Project Resources & creating a Clip in a Cliplist

Demo 2: Adding a Clip to a Project from different Resources

Demo 3: Adding Annotations to Clips

Demo 4: Publishing a Cliplist – Json and HTML

Demo 5: Working with a local Resource… coming soon

Setting up a user account with the Clipper Prototype 1

  • Go to this web address
  • You will see a simple web page with the words.’ at the top left of the page and underneath this 2 links
    • Login
    • Register
  • Click on the Register link and you will be presented with a registration page that asks you to choose a user name and provide your email (where an activation message will be sent) Once you have entered you details click on the ‘Register’ button. The display changes to show this message: “Registration complete. Please check your e-mail.”
  • At the email address you provided in the previous step you will receive an email message from Clipper like this:
    • Username: ‘The name you provided at registration’
    • To set your password, visit the following address: a web link appears here for you to click on
    • The web link takes you to your Clipper account where you can enter your new password. The system automatically generates a strong password for you to use – if you do choose use that make sure you write down a cop before clicking on the ‘Reset Password’ button. Otherwise you can just enter your own password that is easier to remember. Once you have reset your password you will be given the option to login
  • Please note some educational institution email systems may block or disable this process and you might get a message on the Clipper registration page that reads: “Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below”. If you get a message like this then try registering using another email account from Google / Microsoft etc. (or set one up for this purpose). Or contact the Clipper team via the contact link on the project website and we shall create a user account for you and email you the details – To contact us please use this link

Creating a Clip: Basic Instructions

  • (Project Dashboard) Go to Project Dashboard
    • Creates new project – give it a name
    • Give the project a description
    • Open the project
  • (Collections Tab) Search Collections for the video you want
  • Identify the video you need – by previewing it in the player (Preview button)
  • Select the video as a resource for the project by clicking on the ‘Add to Project’ button
  • (Project Resources Tab) Open the Project Resources Tab
    • Click on Preview to play the video and reveal the player tools
    • Identify the incident of interest, pause the video
    • Click the Create Clip button – reveals the edit tools
    • Name the Clip
    • Uses the description field to describe the clip / incident
    • Play the clip until you have decided on the end point – pause the clip and set the end point by clicking on the end button
    • Click on Save Clip – the clip and description is added to the Cliplist
  • (Project Cliplist Tab)
    • Your most recently created clip will appear at the top of the list of clips
    • Here you can edit the clip delete it and view the annotations


This is an early prototype so there will certainly be problems, glitches and errors:

  • Make sure you are using a laptop / desktop device
  • Use the Chrome browser
  • If you encounter a problem try refreshing your browser (in Chrome that means clicking on the circular arrow at the top left of the window
  • Try logging in and out again