London Workshop 26/10/15

For easy reference here is a collation of information produced by this workshop.


The slides from the event are available here on slideshare and as a downloadable PDF. The feedback notes will be online soon!

On Monday the  26th of October we delivered our third Clipper community consultation and co-design workshop at the British Library in London in conjunction with British Library Labs. It was a really successful event, with representatives from a wide range or organisations including the BUFVC, UCL and Digirati. As ever, there were some really useful insights and contributions from the participants we are grateful to those who took part and gave so generously both of their time and their insight.

On a separate post I will write up the feedback and comments for reference and for us to use as we go forwards. A big thanks must go to Mahendra Mahey, manager of British Library Labs, for organising the hosting of the event. We really do hope to return in Phase 3!