Contents: Overview: | Rationale – the why? | Plans – Roadmap |

Overview: Clipper is a research and development collaboration between The City of Glasgow College, The Open University and  Reachwill Ltd to create tools and services to help people make better use of online audio-visual resources. We  have developed an advanced working prototype that acts as a demonstrator for what is possible and are continuing to develop the toolkit.

The project team is composed of:

  • John Casey at the City of Glasgow College (Project Management and System Design)
  • Trevor Collins – at the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University (System Design & Pilot trials)
  • Will Gregory – at Reachwill Ltd. (System Design & Software Development)

To find out more about the toolkit head over to the ‘What is Clipper‘ section of this website.The toolkit was originally funded by the UK agency Jisc through three competitive funding rounds  to develop innovative solutions to support researchers manage their digital data. Our team was pitched against the leading UK universities and was one of the few that succeeded in in all the funding rounds.

Rationale – the why? Our aim is to produce an easy to use toolset to enhance and extend the use of online audio-visual media  in a wide range of scenarios. The creation and use of video and audio recordings is increasingly ubiquitous in our digital society, yet using and sharing this content still remains tricky. Clipper aims to make it much easier for people to find, analyse, comment on and share, online audio-visual media.

To do this we enable users  to specify what parts of a video or audio to select and share in the form of ‘virtual clips’, they can create textual annotations and add tags to each clip. Clips from the same, or different, video and audio files, can be combined to create a playlist of clips– which we call ‘cliplists’ . Rather than just embedding an online audio or video, or linking to one, Clipper opens up new possibilities for using online media media.

Plans – Roadmap : Due to be updated here soon.