Clipper in Portugal

Our colleague in Portugal, João Marçal, has been using Clipper in his research for his Phd. His research shows the wide range of applications for annotation tools like Clipper. João has been investigating how annotating videos and sharing the annotation with their peers for feedback can help learners better understand complex physics concepts. Here is a short video describing Clipper in use for supporting Physics education:

Here is a summary of João’s research:

” The web 2.0 made available to users the production of content, which promoted changes in teaching, particularly in Physics teaching, given the innumerable audiovisual content produced with relevant content on this subject. This project aims to complement the annotations commonly made on paper by the students, with digital annotations made in existing videos and relevant content that help the understanding of complex physics concepts. It is intended to involve 12th graders in annotating videos with relevant content, using Clipper, and that can aid the study of Physics content. This tool will be used to associate the various segments of the selected videos with text annotations that identify and briefly explain the concept covered in this clip. It is also intended to disseminate the videos on a web site, built for dissemination of the project, sharing these resources with other students, helping to study these topics.

You can find more about João’s research at this link: