Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Workshop

On Saturday 7th April I went along to a workshop about exploring the digital archive of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, it was held in St Cecilia’s Hall in Edinburgh – a music museum that is part of Edinburgh University. It was a fascinating event with presentations about the James Madison Carpenter Collection of folk songs that has been recently added to the Library. There was also a presentation from Steve Roud about how to use the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library online catalogue, which was really useful as I had previously found the catalogue a bit confusing (me not being a librarian!)

While I was there I was able to discuss using Clipper with archives and libraries like these with some of the delegates and ended up providing some impromptu demonstrations of Clipper actually working with content from the Library. All in all a very interesting way to spend a Saturday in Edinburgh. We agreed that if we got an opportunity to collaborate that we would.