Development Workshop OU 27 February – 1 March

We met up at the OU Monday to Wednesday this week for a development session we have got a lot done and advanced quite a bit – largely due to the work of our Spanish colleague David Roldan Alvarez. We have been doing quite a bit of redesign in the run up to launching a live service. We now have these services that Clipper will work with:

  • YouTube – done
  • Soundcloud – waiting on api permissions
  • Facebook – done
  • Vimeo – done
  • Podbean – done with user info
  • BBC radio – done with user info
  • M3U8 format – working
  • Dropbox – done – works with user guidance (remove the zero and add 1 to the end of the URL

That’s quite a list! It takes Clipper into really interesting territory as we go forwards. We are working on Microsoft OneDrive and Box as well as working over intranets and with DAM systems. We have a bit more to do before we update the current version. M3U8 is a big step its a format that used by a lot of museums and archives and presents a ‘barrier’ between a video stream URL and users for security. What this means is a big deal for us – if Clipper is whitelisted with an archive service it means Clipper users can then access the archive and create Clips and annotations and share them over the open / social web but the video stays where it is. For some archives this could be a game changer – by allowing more interactive user engagement and spreading this into the world of social media this could drive a lot of traffic to the archive web site and, importantly, generate masses of rich analytics – which in turn can justify the costs of the archive and even lead to new revenue streams.

And Facebook…that’s  a big deal as it is a major video platform these days, this opens up some interesting possibilities in education and community learning.

Clipper Checklist – love ticking these off! this shows Facebook and M3U8 amongst others