Testing, Testing…September 2016

We are now in the middle of a round of testing (mostly human, but soon with machines like karma and jasmine). I will use this post as a testing record and add to it as we go along

Thumbnails: Had a few heart stopping moments at recent workshops when the thumbnails seemed to randomly not appear – eventually identified the cause: the active area to load thumbnails in the search results from YouTube does extend to the highlighted text in some browsers – but clicking on the image in the search results always seem to work. Took a long time to work this out but now should be a straightforward fix.

Dropbox paste a URL link does not work – but it did in the previous version

Interface tweaks required: text in clip list needs to be better arranged. Video panel needs to be smaller.

Tags: being updated

Copy URL Button: needs to work again

Notes field: Active cursor area needs to be more clearly identified to users

Site Access Issues from corporate networks: Need to implement SSL and test again in different locations

Attribution: Auto Attribution of source content (Text and URL of source – to appear at the bottom of the notes page)

Licence Picker: for User Generated Content

Transition Option: Between clips to improve user experience and possibly display IPR info

Audio Only  Content: When playing an audio clip display a ‘slide’ with an audio icon? In the player area

Other Integrations: Vimeo and Soundclous

File sharing services: Further testing

Mobile phone Interface: Needs improving

W3C: Provide WA group with examples for validation / review