Down the Rabbit Hole

In this third stage of Clipper Development we have, after some discussion, decided to change the technical infrastructure we have been using (javascript, SQL PHP) to a more modern, powerful and scalable set of technologies (Angular2, MongoDB, NodeJS, JSON-LD). This comes at a price some of it is very new  and still evolving (Angular2) and others are new to us as technologists and developers. In small team with fixed project time limits this presents us with risks and extremely steep learning curves. Our first encounters in creating a stripped down test version (‘Clipper Lite’) have confirmed this, yet we think the potential benefits outweigh the risk for future development benefits (speed – eventually!)  and  other related products and services we can create on the same foundation.

Hence the title of this post:

“Down the rabbit hole”, a metaphor for an entry into the unknown, the disorienting or the mentally deranging, from its use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Addendum – September 13 2016

It seems to have paid off we are making some great progress now and entering a testing cycle before releasing a beta service and code for evaluation