Manchester Workshop Summary

We held our second community consultation and co-design workshop at Manchester School of Art on Wednesday the 14th of October. Many thanks to Steve Hawsley for helping us to organise this and thanks to all the people who attended and gave so generously of their time and insights.

We were able to go into matters quite deeply and got some incredibly useful suggestions and insights about the possible configurations of the toolkit and how a service might work.

It was a really successful event where we went deeper into the issues than before, this connection we were extremely fortunate to have representatives from the North West Film Archive and Manchester City Council Archives and Libraries, as well as individual researchers and teaching and support staff. As ever, there were some really useful insights and contributions from the participants we would particularly like to thank two individuals:

Eleanor Hannan – from Manchester Metropolitan University – for great insights into how to handle the Clips interface

Turki Alshehri – from Leeds University – for the ideas of being able to have a ‘paste your file  URL’ to create custom clips on the fly

I will be writing up the feedback shortly, but just want to say this format of consultation is far exceeding our initial expectations, so much so that if we progess to phase 3 I think we shall repeat it. It obvious of course when you think about it – direct contact with potential software and service users – it just saves so much time and wasted effort.