Clipper on the Road – Institute of Education University of Stirling

I met with Derek Robertson from the IOE this morning to discuss his work on a video annotation system for analysis of practice based subjects. it was a fascinating and interesting discussion and we agreed that collaboration made excellent sense if Clipper gets further funding. We shall be holding at least 3 community workshops in phase 2 and at least one of those will be in Scotland so Derek will come along to that to share and discuss ideas and progress. One of the things we need to attend to in phase 2 is to start to build not just a community of potential users but crucially a community of developers and coders who take and use and support the Clipper toolkit.

We keep coming up with new applications of Clipper and new ideas when we discuss it with potential users (rightly so) and when talking to Derek he said he wanted to introduce a limited  discussion forum around each clip that would allow users to reply to an annotation – as a useful evaluation and collaboration tool.