Clipper Feedback – Manchester School of Art

Dear John,

As part of the Digital Publishing work that I have been doing with the Open Humanities Press I am currently interested in ideas around enhanced text-audio-video publication and would be really interested to see if there was any way that we might be able to work with the JISC Clipper project?

We have a collection of audio podcast interviews, with some high profile academics in the new media/digital culture area, that we are interested in working with in order to augment and develop innovative ways of navigating the material using metadata and augmentation.

Part of this would be to connect the material with a print publication to enable enhanced ways of navigating the text and themesThe JISC Clipper project seems it might be an appropriate place through which we could connect to this project and it would be great to speak to you at some point to see if there was any potential in collaborating.

Best wishes,