Clipper Feedback – British Library Labs

Through one of those chance meetings (with Lorna from JISC Media Hub) I was alerted to the existence of the British Library Labs, I checked them out and got in touch. I ended up talking to Mahendra Mahey who we met doing the original Flash-based version of Clipper as part of the JISC Rapid Innovation Programe in 2009/10 when Mahendra worked as a JISC Programme Manager.

We ended up having a fascinating discussion, one of the things the Labs are working on is annotating images and we wondered if Clipper could be extended to include that, there is a standard for doing so and this might be a point for future collaboration. The labs might also be able to provide access to some of the British Library media files to act as a demo for the next version of Clipper – we are particularly interested in the British Library’s oral history audio collection. Mahendra is attending the sandpit next week, so we’re looking forward to catching up with him then.