Clipper Feedback University of the Arts – Sound Matters and CRiSAP

Hi John,

Great to hear from you, and thanks for being in touch!

It is great to know CLIPPER is advancing; thanks for sending all the information. We will check it and get back to you with our specific thoughts before June 19th.

Thanks for following Sound Matters Framework, I see how CLIPPER is a tool for annotation of online available material e.g. from online archives. During the co-design workshop we will mention it to the community and will have the link for people to explore and comment.

“I have been looking at your project blog and framework  and it strikes me that the Clipper toolkit would work quite nicely with this in many ways – one idea is that Clipper would support people in creating a user generated metadata ‘cloud’ around an existing collection (or sub collection) which in turn could be useful for analytics etc. Alos Clipper would be useful for creating user generated ‘narratives’ with an audio collection – we have been getting these ideas from working with some AHRC projects recently.”

That sounds nice John, would you like to post this idea directly on our Online Gathering? e.g. using a sticker? I could also post it but great if you follow the process with people.

I am sending the Instructions attached with the invitation link.

All my best,