Clipper Training Resources

A good place to start is to visit the ‘What is Clipper‘ page of this website and to watch the Demo videos there and read the text to get an idea of what Clipper is about and how it differs from online video editors. Then download the user guide (link below) and consult the training videos at the bottom of this page.

We have produced a step by step illustrated guide to using Clipper that is available to download here as a PDF its called: Using the Clipper Pro Editor. You can use this to work through to create your first clips and Cliplists (please note the registration is now a little different to that shown in the guide), here is a list of the contents:

  • Getting Started – Registering your account
  • Logging In
  • Creating the First Clip
  • Creating the Second Clip
  • Creating the Third Clip
  • Creating the first Cliplist
  • Cliplists – Things to Remember
  • Cliplists – Changing the Order of the Clips
  • Sharing a Clip
  • Sharing a Cliplist
  • Working with Online MP4 Video and MP3 Audio Files

Clipper Training Videos: The best place to start is here, by first watching this short (1:33) video demonstrating the The Clipper Basic Editor that anyone can use without registering to create and share single clips. View in full screen with HD selected.

The Clipper Basic Editor

After that you can refer to this longer (8:53) video together with theUsing the Clipper Pro Editor guide. The video steps through the exercises in the guide and demonstrates a user creating clips, giving them titles,  adding annotations, organising clips into a Cliplist and sharing them as individual clips or complete Cliplists. View in full screen with HD selected.

The Clipper Pro Editor

We have also create a short video to demonstrate what the completed Cliplist will look like, you can view it below: View in full screen with HD selected.

Clipper Pro: Completed Cliplist Demo