Prototype 3

Clipper Prototype 3 Ready

This page features information about the  second Clipper online prototype.

Clipper prototype No. 3 is   available from this web link  where you can register and try out the system. There will soon be demonstration videos appearing  below showing how to use the toolkit to give you directions of use and an idea how things are shaping up as well. In the meantime the videos for Prototype 2 should be enough to get you started.

Getting started with Clipper Prototype 3

This is a  prototype so there will certainly be problems, glitches and errors, see the Problems? section below. Anything you create in Clipper Prototype 3 will not be permanent – it is a temporary and will be online until the end of 2015.

Basic Workflow: Create a Project > Select an item from a collection > Make the item a Resource in a Project > Edit the Resource to create a Clip > Add the clip to a Cliplist

Basic Elements:

  • Dashboard – the top level, where all of a users projects are stored and accessible
  • Project – the basic unit of information in Clipper, a project acts as a container for the Resources, Clips, Annotations and the Cliplist is the published version of that data. Initially we are planning to have one Cliplist in each project
  • Collections – these are the online collections of files that Clipper uses. In our prototype we have YouTube, some BBC videos and a Wellcome Trust video as well as the ability to work with local files. We are hoping to add some more examples soon. NB none of the collections in the prototype are on our server – they are real online examples. The YouTube example gives a good indication of what an institutional installation of Clipper might be like, with good integration into existing collection catalogue metadata etc.
  • Resources – When a user selects an item from an online collection to include it in a project it becomes a Resource.
  • Clips – A user creates a ‘virtual’ clip from a resource by specifying a start and end point and adding a title and description
  • Cliplist – As the user generates clips in a project these are added to the project cliplist

Creating a Clip: Basic Instructions

Scenario 1 – A Researcher wants to analyse a video recording of an interview and log the critical Incidents. (One video – multiple clips – single user)

  1. Goes to Project Dashboard
    • Creates new project – gives it a name
    • Gives the project a description
    • Opens the project
  1. Searches Collections for the video she wants
    • Identifies the video she needs
    • Selects the video as a resource to add to the project
  1. Opens the Project Resources Tab
    • Clicks on play button to select the video in the player and reveal the player controls
    • Identifies the incident of interest, pauses the video
    • Clicks the Create Clip button
    • Selects Start and End times
    • Names the Clip
    • Uses the description field to describe the clip / incident
    • Clicks on Save Clip – the clip and description is added to the cliplist
    • Clicks on the Close button to return to the player controls to continue the analysis
  1. Repeats the above process to identify and log other critical incidents and add them to the project cliplist


  • Video – coming soon – for Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 1 – Dashboard, Project, Collections, Resources, Clips & Cliplists
  • Video – coming soon – Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 2 – Sharing, Publishing & Search
  • Video – coming soon – Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 3 – Adding Clips From Different Resources
  • Video – coming soon – Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 4 – Annotations
  • Video – coming soon – Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 5 – Working With Local Files
  • Video – coming soon – Clipper Prototype 3 Demo 6 – Working With Custom File URLs


This is an early prototype so there will certainly be problems, glitches and errors:

  • Make sure you are using a laptop / desktop device
  • Use the Chrome browser
  • If you encounter a problem try refreshing your browser (in Chrome that means clicking on the circular arrow at the top left of the window
  • Try logging in and out again