Clipper Meeting Prototype

Previously, we had examined the concept of a personal Clipper Live’ toolkit to help people bookmark, annotate and create clips during live events – using the the timeline of the live event as a reference point. We called that idea the ‘Big Red Button‘. The concept was to have a super simple smartphone app (the Big red Button idea) that would enable a user to create bookmarks / clips and notes with reference to a timeline. Some of these ideas go way back to our ideas about mobile portfolio systems in Africa.

But now with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many people to work remotely for the first time and use videoconferencing systems we have revised the ideas. As a result we think we have a viable tool to support remote workers. Please watch the YoutTube video below:

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made remote working using video conferencing the norm, Clipper Meeting provides a way to help people avoid information overload and work more efficiently with less stress. Our app allows a user to record the audio timeline and ‘bookmark’ key moments during meetings and easily revisit them for closer inspection later. Rather than scribbling notes and losing focus on the debate as it happens, a simple tap of a button will mark that moment in time for quick and easy future reference.