Widening the Clipper Net

At the moment we can clip YouTube content and any online files we have a direct link to but we need to widen the net to other popular content sources to be useful in educational settings as well as for digital researchers.

Now that we have the SSL development site up at clipperdev.com I have been starting another  cycle of testing. One of the things we have been thinking about is adding other online audio-visual collections. Early indications are encouraging with the likes of Dropbox (good for personal sharing), Soundcloud and Podbean. Vimeo is  bit tricky with the ability to define a start and stop point a bit tricky but we have some ideas for workarounds.

Back in the City of Glasgow College we have our own internal collection of online videos for learning resources and it look like we can ‘clipperise’ them as well but there are complications with the use of the citrix thin client and the way it seems to handle clipper share links.

One thing for certain is that we have to have auto-attribution of the content being served via Clipper and some identification of the source web site – probably not the whole path to the video or audio file but the general source website. The legal issues are not as bad as it might appear at first the main one is attribution and credit of the source and to not appear to ‘pass off’ (in copyright terms) the content as the Clipper users – we can have auto content that makes that clear. I will come back to this post to record the results of testing and the likely alterations we will be making.

SSL Progress

A good way to start the new year! We have got the new secure development site working at https://clipperdev.com/. It has taken us a while as this is the first time we have deployed a secure site. This is a big step for us as secure sites are becoming more demanded by many institutional network managers especially those in education using eduroam – and we know companies like Google are pushing for this as well. This means we shall be able to offer a trial service to colleagues on campus at City of Glasgow College and the The OU.

I will be writing this all up shortly in the Final Report for Phases 1/2/3. We have certainly covered a lot of ground in the last 12 months in every sense of the word.