Clipper DRHA Workshop

On Monday the 5th September at the Brighton DRHA conference we are going to be presenting a workshop and forum about our new working prototype of the Clipper toolkit. Technical information about participating in the workshop appears below. This our first outing of the new system, which has been completely reworked from the ground up in Angular2, MongoDB (using JSON LD), using a NodeJS server. This has been a big undertaking for us, but is now beginning to bring big benefits and opportunities.

Here is the slideshare version

DRHA Workshop Tech Info:

Launch Clipper (NB use Chrome or Firefox for this test version)

To launch the toolkit click on this link – –  into your web browser address bar and hit return to load the site.

We have created a series of test accounts that you can use with user names ranging from clipper1@clippertube to clipper30@clippertube each with a password of the same name – e.g. clipper1@clippertube has the password of clipper1.You can also register to create an account of your own. Please note that as this is a test system any data you create will not persist in the long term. In the final production version of the system your data will persist and you will be able to download a copy to keep (in different formats).

Clipper Workshop: Bring Your Own URLs

URL – Page (MP4 / MP3) – Online Test Resources – with their URls

  • This page contains some online audio and video resources for you to use to as source URLs to create clips in Clipper
  • This demonstrates the Clipper editor working directly with online audio and video files
  • Copy a URL of your choice (just clicking on it will open it in your browser player if you want to preview it)
  • Return to the clipper editor and paste the copied URL into the field at the top of the editor window.
  • You can now play the resource and create and save clips using your chosen resource
  • If you have the URL for your own resources, you can try using them with the same method (MP4 / MP3 only)

BBC Video

Finding news masterclass video

Interviewing masterclass video

Scriptwriting masterclass video

BBC Radio 4 – Audio

In Our Time Philosophy – Daoism – audio

A history of the world in a thousand objects – audio

Welcome Trust Library – Video

Anti-Smoking Video

Roslin Institute – Scientific Microscope Videos

Clip 1 – video

Clip 2 – video

Animation – video

Big Buck Bunny -video

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – Audio

Yorkshire Accent 

Update: we had some very positive feedback and the interesting suggestion of working on a rich media portfolio system – which we are following up.