Edinburgh Workshop Summary

On monday the 28th of September we delivered our first Clipper community consultation and co-design workshop at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was a really successful event with lots of people and buzzing with feedback and ideas. Altogether, so far, we have accumulated over 10 pages of comments, questions and feedback and that is before I have checked out the audio recording of the day! This is incredibly useful to us at this stage of the project and we are most grateful to the people who attended and gave their time and input so generously.

On a separate post I will copy the feedback and comments for reference and for us to use as we go forwards. A big thanks must go to the good folks at the national Library of Scotland and Gill Hamilton, the Digital Access Manager for organising the hosting of the event. We hope to return in Phase 3! Thanks also to Nicola Osborne from EDINA who blogged about the event on the day and captured much of the interactions (wish I could live blog / think that fast!).

This has given us a great start with our workshop programme and we shall be tuning the schedule and activities for the next one at Manchester School of Art on the 14th of October.

The slides from the event are available here on slideshare and as a downloadable PDF. The feedback notes are now online at this blog page – note there are lots!


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  1. Many thanks for sharing this John – great to have a copy of the slides and feedback notes to look back at and share with colleagues.

    Thanks also for the kind words about my liveblog: the link for that, if useful for others reading this, is: http://nicolaosborne.blogs.edina.ac.uk/2015/09/28/clipper-national-library-of-scotland/

    I hope the workshops in Manchester and London go well – very keen to see how Clipper develops over the coming months!

    – Nicola.

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