Clipper Feedback – AHRC Earth Vision Project

Dear John,

I have looked at the Clipper demo link you sent. I have explored how Clipper works and would definitely support its development as a tool for use in the context of emerging Digital Broadcast Archives (DBAs).  it would definitely be the kind of tool we would envisage having embedded in a digital broadcast archive (DBA) or easily linked to for uploading materials if Clipper sits alone as it were. I would be recommend this as among the essential tools any workable DBA would have. As part of our AHRC funded Earth in Vision project, we are exploring the emerging landscape of DBAs via the case study of BBC archives of environment themed broadcasts, with a central aim of taking an upstream approach to finding out what potential DBA users would like such digital archives to provide.   In our workshops we ask different groups (students, journalists, academics, film makers and other ‘digital publics’) what they would like to do if DBAs were available and what tools they  would need. Being able to easily make clips is essential to many of the identified tools/uses. Clipper would fit the bill well!


With Best Wishes

Best Wishes