Clipper Feedback – Institute of Education London

Hi sorry I’ve passed your deadline; this does look very useful though and I’d like to hear more as you develop it. I am currently using Transana to analyse my video data, a process that includes the creation of a clip collection, but of course these clips only exist as clips within Transana; my video data remain unaffected. It would certainly be useful for me later on to have a way of creating clips that I can then access and use more widely. I’ve only had time for a brief look at Clipper but it looks user-friendly and relatively simple.

Best wishes

Cary Bazalgette

Clipper Feedback – University of the Arts London

Thank you for this. Yes, I know about Clipper – it was one of the JISC
sandpit projects that got funded and it looks great. I will probably
have the chance to learn more about their progress at the next sandpit
in July, but I think it is slightly different in scope to the Artivity
project which attempts to automate the collection of contextual data.
Perhaps Clipper is more of a curation/story-telling tool.

All the best,


Clipper Feedback – JISC Media Hub

We also have a remit for multimedia.  I’ve had a look at your Clipper tool and it looks very interesting indeed.  I can definitely see potential for using it in teaching and learning contexts and I think it could be really valuable if it could be integrated with existing media libraries.  I’m also really interested in discussing the licensing implications of a tool like this.

Sounds like it would be useful for us to meet up soon to have a chat about this.



Clipper Feedback – RMIT University Australia

Hi John,

I was forwarded the beta for Clipper through a colleague here at RMIT.

What a phenomenal tool: very simple to use and very handy.

A couple of suggestions, though it may well be far too late. A tagging function would be helpful for applying repeated/frequent annotations. Also, particularly of use for me/my students would be the ability to export the clip list as a text/HTML file… this would serve as primary research for film analyses.

Again, I fully realise it may be far too late for this; regardless, you have crafted something incredibly useful. Well done to all involved: can’t wait to make use of the final product.

Kind regards,

Daniel Binns

Clipper Feedback – University of Stirling

Hi John,

I am responding to the message that you sent out on the ALT list about your development of Clipper. I would be interested in chatting to you about it as I am working on a similar, but more limited, project in-house here looking at allowing students and academics to upload and annotate videos. I am looking at some of the same functionality as Clipper – a prototype of what I am working on is available here:

The main purpose is for students in the School of Education to film their classroom practice and then to analyse it afterwards, with both students and staff being able to add comments.

I am interested in how you are developing your project, some of the functionality included and how you see it progressing. Would you be available for a chat sometime? I’m not that far away so could maybe come over for an hour or so?

Thanks and best wishes,


Clipper Feedback – Abertay University

Hi John,

Apologies for emailing you direct instead of via the jiscmail ALT-members forum. I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Clipper Project.

I found it a nice, easy interface to work with and can see the benefit this would have to researchers and T&L. I have a few questions:

  1. Will users be able to tag videos to aid discoverability?
  2. Will there be a search button to allow users to search using title or tags?
  3. Are there any plans to incorporate closed captions?
  4. How well will Clipper handle existing closed captions videos?

Kind regards,